Let's talk UX

in scientific software

challenges, approaches, process

Facilitated by Alissa Nedossekina
HUBzero®, Purdue University

Open source platformfor scientific collaboration

  • interactive simulation

  • data management & publishing

  • community building

  • online learning

  • data analytics & impact measurement

Open source platformfor scientific collaboration


cancer research

climate modeling

civil engineering



60+ HUBs

~2,000,000 visitors annually

~600,000 annual users

User Experience

What is it exactly?

Context: Science


complex data, complex tasks
computation time & resources
novel tasks, novel workflows

Designed for engineers by engineers


complexity | simplicity


Medical Device Informatics Platform

Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering, Purdue University

Drug Limit Libraries

Data Sharing Model

125 hospitals across 11 states, ~19,000,000 records Agreeing to Share Safety Data Openly with Each Other
Connecting Data Producers and Researchers
New Platform

Opportunity: Link to Patient Data

Task for UX Designer

What is your process?


  • UXers, in your experience, in your projects: - What is/was hard? Share problems! - What worked well? Share your process!
  • Non-UXers: - Who are the users in your project? How well do you know them? - What makes good UX for your users? - How are you getting user feedback?